Bazalgette Family Tree
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This site is developed particularly from the branch of the Bazalgette family that descended from Jean Louis Bazalgette who emigrated from Ispagnac in the Gorge du Tarn in France in the late 18th Century, where the family had been based for around one thousand years.

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Bazalgette Family Tree
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Earliest Birth YearDe Twysdenn, John ‎(I538)‎
Birth 1293 Twysden, Kent
Latest Birth YearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest Death YearTwysden, Roger ‎(I483)‎
Birth 1400 26 22 Chelmington, Kent
Death about 1465 ‎(Age 65)‎
Latest Death Year Walkey, Faith ‎(I450)‎
Birth 26 December 1913 33 32 Woolwich
Death 11 February 2010 ‎(Age 96)‎ Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Person who lived the longest
Hall, Louisa Cholerton ‎(I1179)‎
Birth 8 December 1837 31 29 30 Charles St. Berkeley Square
Death 1939 ‎(Age 101)‎ St Albans, Hertfordshire
Average age at death
Family with the most children
Chamberlin, Robert
Lister, Emma Rosetta
Marriage 2 December 1828 St Mary's, Newington
Average number of children per family

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Bazalgette Family Tree

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